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The Ralf's Quest - Chapter 1
The escape

Ralf was jailed to have stolen the treasure of a rich criminal.
Fortunately, an old friend had offered a magic ball to him which can help to get him out of here !

Boiing, who has never who gives her this stupid name, has fallen from Ralf's pocket and is now in a weird country.

Because she's a magic ball, she've the ability to rebound and move where she want. This is why she has the idea to find Ralf and help him by breaking bricks of his cell !

It you're fast and avoid useless moves she'll give you a great number of tickets to scratch !
· To finish the 39 levels of Boiing. You are currently on this level : 0.
· To finish the 21 levels of PiqBriq. You are currently on this level : 0.
To find the 8 hidden letters in the website which regulary appear always at the same frequency and the same time every hours of the day.
ATTENTION each display is unique : if a lettre is found and clicked it disappear immediately and the other players should have to wait the next display !
The players will not see any more appearing the letters which they acquired.
To validate in Eurowords the name of the hidden game discovered.
Optional Mission :
To find the Secret Map.  
· Advantages for the seniors : only once during the quest it is possible to convert your days of seniority in levels of Boiing. You can jump one level for 10 days and arrive up to the 25th level in one shot !
· Indices Carte Secrète :
     - Mon Premier renferme l'Amour, mon Second inspire la Chance, mon Troisième peut faire mal, mon Quatrième n'est pas incassable, mon Cinquième peut être l'un des Quatre premiers et mon Tout est une suite de cinq voyelles.
     - Au commencement, le Dieu Romain de l'Océan impose son défi où, par deux fois le Papilio échoua. Après avoir gagné une nouvelle chance grâce aux six trèfles magiques, il remporta finalement le défi de la mer et fuya le Dieu en colère dans la Savane.
     - Pourquoi se dispenser d'une invitation lorsqu'on l'envoi à neuf autres amis ?
Easy ways
· Arranged correctly all the letters will form the name of a hidden game.
· A legend tells that a rare map would exists. It would keep the secret of a very well hidden shortcut to the Ralf's jail.
· All the letter appear simultaneously 24 times per day with regular frequency each time during five minutes. For example if the interval was from the third minute of hours, letters would be displayed from 12h03 to 12h08, then from 13h03 toà 13h08 etc...
· The access to the hidden game discovered
· If you finish more than once this quest, you will win other bonus : Packs of credits, €urosous, Piqs, and other surprises !

· To find the Secret Map will give you the possibility to jump 5 levels of Boiing when you want during the quest. This shortcut is usable only once and will carry you on the 25th level maximum.
The Ralf's Quest - Chapter 2
Bientôt !

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